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Episode 16 – Margaret Smith – The Coaching Godmother

Today’s Guest is known as The Coaching Godmother! Margaret Smith is a qualified life coach guiding people to ‘Get Up, Get Out and Get Going’. With decades of Direct Selling experience Margaret has the runs on the board in starting a business in a brand new location – where you know no-one!

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Episode 15 – Rachel Waterhouse – Isagenix

Rachel Waterhouse shares many immediately usable tips in today’s episode of THE DIRECT SELLING SUCCESSES SHOW. With an absolute love of the product, and a desire to help others achieve, Rachel invests in herself so she can help others shine!

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Episode 14 – Natalie Shepard – Wild Wacky Wonderful Women

In today’s interview, be inspired with Dr Natalie Shepard – a communications expert who shares immensely valuable tips to LEAD yourself. Even more potential awaits you, and there’s a mass of gems to discover and propel yourself forward, when you listen in!

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Episode 13 – Sally Steele – ENJO Australia

Meet Sally Steele – a focussed, vibrant and dedicated leader; guiding Consultants to their chosen level of success. In today’s episode, Sally shares some gems of wisdom to act on, including what to do when there’s very little business in the diary!

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Episode 12 – Jackie Floris – ENJO NZ

Jackie Floris is our inspirational guest today on THE DIRECT SELLING SUCCESSES SHOW. Discover Jackie’s beliefs about the qualities for success – there’s trust, there’s mindset … and magnetism! What a great descriptive word that is!

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Episode 11 – Kara Allen – Galibelle

There’s a new entry into the Direct Selling market in Australia – it’s Galibelle! Meet Kara Allen; the Australian Co-owner and Managing Director developing a dedicated team of ‘Sole Sisters’ who walk the walk in their stunning shoes.

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Episode 10 – Libby Bracchi – CRT People Solutions

Meet Libby Bracchi! Libby has a direct sales leadership background along with a thorough and active skillset in human resources. As an expert in people connection; Libby knows a lot about what makes a great leader and what makes a great consultant!

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Episode 9 – Clare Wells – Thermomix

Today’s guest is Thermomix Branch Manager Clare Wells. We interviewed Clare because one of her team sent us an email sharing how much they have learnt from her, and how inspiring she has been to everyone on her team. Learn from Clare in today’s episode.

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Episode 8 – Kylie Blake – Nutrimetics

In today’s show, you meet Kylie Blake. Kylie has a wonderful energy and passion for helping women succeed in direct sales. A big believer in communicating well with your customers and your team, Kylie’s high genuine care shines through.

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Episode 7 – Kristina Wilson-McGregor – Postie

Today’s Guest is one of the Directors of Postie Fashions – meet Kristina Wilson-McGregor. Postie features the stylish in-home Pop-Up Boutiques around Australia, with exclusive women’s fashion lines being their direct sales product. Kristina shares some wonderful insights into the thinking and attitude that has Postie celebrating 30 years of empowering women!

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