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Episode 26- Joel Howlett – JD’s World Of Magic

It’s quirky treat today on the show as you meet a professional magician Joel Howlett! What’s this got to do with direct sales success, you ask? PLENTY! When you work for yourself, as Joel does, and as YOU do; there’s an attitude of being open to feedback which has propelled Joel’s success forward! Notice the lessons in our chat with Joel…

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Episode 25 – Anne Naylor – ENJO Australia

From a serious career in the world of executives, corporates, health and safety, to a rewarding and fun career in Direct Sales, that started ever so simply with passion for a product! Anne Naylor is a well-respected Hall Of Fame achiever with ENJO Australia and knows how to create that stickability factor!

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Episode 24 – Tara Green – Arbonne

Meet Tara. This fabulous woman is clear about her personal mission and, no matter your Direct Sales product, I’m predicting you’ll love her refreshing honesty about what she had to notice about herself, to create a fulfilling business!

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Episode 23 – Naomi Tyrrell – Mary Kay

Meet Naomi Tyrrell! Naomi has 13 years’ experience with Mary Kay, and a very sustainable business because of a desire to achieve. When you know where you’re going – and very clear about the destination – the path ahead, unfolds!

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Episode 22 – The 3 Keys To Your Best Festive Season Ever

Today’s interview is incredibly relevant for this time of year …It’s the festive season and the GOLD awaits as Beverley shares ‘THE 3 KEYS FOR YOUR BEST FESTIVE RESULTS EVER, IN YOUR DIRECT SALES BUSINESS!’

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Episode 21 – Sandra Martin – Wild Wacky Wonderful Women

Meet Sandra Martin! Sandra is THE expert in style and colour, and has helped thousands of women and men look good, feel good and step out the front door feeling confident in themselves. How you feel about yourself on the outside can unconsciously affect your results in your Direct Sales business, and Sandra shares the GOLD about creating that congruence, in today’s interview.

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Episode 20 – Janita Mathews – Tri Nature

Today’s inspiring Guest has achieved the #1 Australia-wide sales achiever, since 2010, with Tri Nature. Janita Mathews has stayed at the top because of “….the want, the need, the desire and the passion!….” Discover Janita’s superb insights as she shares how she fuels her decision to grow a sustainable business, year on year.

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Episode 19 – Wendy Lloyd Curley

From a career as a corporate executive into direct sales, Wendy Lloyd Curley leads the #1 PartyLite Team in Australia – and her team has achieved this recognition for 4 years in a row! It’s about care, it’s about persistence, it’s about tenacity, it’s about surrounding yourself with the right people…. And more!

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Episode 18 – Julie Filer – Postie

Today’s interview is experience speaking! Julie Filer has in excess of 30 years in Direct Sales and the gems in this chat include a most refreshingly accountability view of what to do with yourself, when there are not enough forward business dates in your diary!

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Episode 17 – Julie Ann Allen – Thermomix

Today’s guest is Julie-Ann Allen, and we’ve some outstanding insights to discover in today’s interview. Julie-Ann talks about living the passion for what you do, and shares some very clear tips on how to rise above any challenges in direct sales. Ultimately, YOU are the master of your own destiny!

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